About Us


Who we are

Not long after the Mennonites moved to Spanish Lookout, Belize, in 1958, they started providing table eggs for the Belizean market. At first it was run under Farmers Trading Center, but in 1997 it was separated from Farmers Trading Center and became Country Foods.


Later Years

Until recently all the eggs were graded manually. Then in 2011 the company bought an egg grader. Now all the eggs come graded and stamped. Eggs come in the following sizes: small, medium, large, extra large and jumbo. With this new equipment now in place the company is looking into the export market.



With our fleet of 6 Trucks, we deliver our Products countrywide!

To provide the Belizean people with safe high quality food, reasonably-priced & delivered consistently in a friendly atmosphere.


Food is our Passion!

COUNTRY FOODS products stand for quality! ALL our Products, daily fresh eggs, Beans, Corn and Rice are NON-GMO (NON-Genetically Modified Organism).